DIY Faux Marble Clock

Here is my first tutorial! Apologies for the lack of photos… I hope it is still useful!

I made this clock a few weeks ago and I am pleased to report that I am very chuffed with it. It is sitting very happily on the wall in our bedroom, hooray! It is scandalously easy, involving cardboard and contact paper. That pretty much tells you how to make it(!), but read on anyway for more details.


– thick(ish) cardboard (size wise, you’ll need enough to draw around a dinner plate)
– marble contact paper (easily found on Amazon)
– clock mechanism (mine was from Amazon)


– x-acto knife
– scissors
– cutting mat
– pencil
– ruler
– dinner plate (to draw around)


1. Draw around the dinner plate with a pencil onto your cardboard.

2. Cut out the circle using an x-acto knife. Make sure you have your cutting mat underneath!

3. Stick your cardboard circle to the contact paper, and then trim the contact paper so that there is a border of about an inch or so.


4. Make little snips into the border and then fold the pieces over the edge tightly.


5. Find the centre of your clock and mark it on the back with a pencil. Pierce through this and use your x-acto knife to cut a little hole, big enough to fit your clock mechanism through.


6. Attach the clock mechanism. Add small pieces of cardboard if need to give more depth.

7. Hang it on the wall and you’re done!


Ta da!

Let me know what you think 🙂

Thea xx