So I’ve decided to start a blog. I thought it would be fun to document what I get up to and to share my crafty endeavours. I am totally in love with all things DIY and have lots of things I want to try out! At the moment it’s only basic things like painting furniture and other items (I have recently discovered the awesomeness of spray paint, so there’s that) but hopefully I will improve and move on to more complex projects as time goes on. I’ve also just started knitting – I knitted a scarf for Jakob (my better half) for Christmas and have now moved on to knitting a blanket which I fear may take the entire year to complete…we shall see!


I live in London with my wonderful boyfriend Jakob and our two gorgeous black cats, Zulu and Xerxes. I basically spend all my time with them so am slightly obsessed. They are my furry babies!


I’m in a wheelchair so I plan on reviewing places that I go to just in case it helps someone else if they are thinking of going there and want to know what the accessibility is like. Also I just think this is something that places should be aware of and a lot of them really aren’t. I want to make sure that I remember those that were really great and helpful!


Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading my musings and feel free to comment and get in touch!

Thea xxx


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