Being in a Wheelchair… and Getting Fat

I’ve been in a wheelchair since June 2014 and one of the things I’ve found hard to get used to is putting on weight. Annoyingly my appetite hasn’t changed, but my levels of activity have. It might seem silly to some to be bothered by this, in the grand scheme of things, but it’s just something I still haven’t really adjusted to.


It is SO easy to put on weight. You don’t realise how much exercise you do just by being able to walk, until you can’t do it anymore. Of course, it makes sense that if you have an entirely sedentary life that you put weight on more easily, but I felt like I had a very sedentary lifestyle in the few years before using a wheelchair anyway. However, even just walking to the loo or to the kitchen all makes a difference!


I know that tons of people battle with their weight who are not in wheelchairs. I just wanted to write about it because it is something that I really noticed changing whilst adjusting to my new way of life. At first it really snuck up on me and it’s just a frustrating thing to have to deal with in addition to all the other things that inevitably change.


Anyway, thankfully, I’m happy with my body and its shape. I just need to keep it in check to make sure I don’t get toooooo cuddly!

Thea xxx


DIY Week

Last week I got pretty excited about trying out new DIYs. I love a good DIY. I find it so satisfying to create something myself, even if it is incredibly simple! I often have ideas floating around in my head but rarely actually get around to doing any of them. So last week was very productive for me. I’d really like to put together some tutorials for them but I think I’ll need to get better at taking photos before that happens! Anyway, here is what I got up to…

DIY Gold Leaf Mugs

These were inspired by the mugs created by Fran from Fall for DIY. I love her blog and you should definitely check it out for lots of DIY fun!

Here’s a photo of┬áthe mugs I made for me and Jakob. We were watching Deutschland 83 at the time… which by the way is AMAZING.


DIY Chalkboard

I’m really pleased with this. I found an old mirror at an antiques shop and it was looking pretty worse for wear. However, with just a little cleaning and sprucing up with the use of spray paint and chalkboard paint, I don’t think it looks too bad!


DIY Faux Marble Clock

I’d been meaning to try this out for a really long time. I recently got myself some marble contact paper and I’m in love. I’ve wanted to get a clock for my bedroom for ages, so in the end I decided to make one. Obviously it would be lovely to have a real marble clock… but this one still looks lovely and only cost a few pounds so I’m very happy with it! I’ll definitely try to get a tutorial done for this.


So those were last week’s DIYs! Now to find some to do this week…

Thea xxx


So I’ve decided to start a blog. I thought it would be fun to document what I get up to and to share my crafty endeavours. I am totally in love with all things DIY and have lots of things I want to try out! At the moment it’s only basic things like painting furniture and other items (I have recently discovered the awesomeness of spray paint, so there’s that) but hopefully I will improve and move on to more complex projects as time goes on. I’ve also just started knitting – I knitted a scarf for Jakob (my better half) for Christmas and have now moved on to knitting a blanket which I fear may take the entire year to complete…we shall see!


I live in London with my wonderful boyfriend Jakob and our two gorgeous black cats, Zulu and Xerxes. I basically spend all my time with them so am slightly obsessed. They are my furry babies!


I’m in a wheelchair so I plan on reviewing places that I go to just in case it helps someone else if they are thinking of going there and want to know what the accessibility is like. Also I just think this is something that places should be aware of and a lot of them really aren’t. I want to make sure that I remember those that were really great and helpful!


Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading my musings and feel free to comment and get in touch!

Thea xxx